Are you having a bad day? Does life got you down? Is everything so unfair and nothing seems to ever go your way? Stop complaining and be thankful for what you have in life. Take a look at the photo of a construction site in Mumbai India. This man has a smile on his face   looks happy and content. He is doing hard manual labor under extremely harsh conditions, but he displays inner strength and composure. We see celebrities all the time who seem to have everything in the world such as fame, money and success, yet they are many times falling apart at the seams. Countless celebrities are in total disarray and are in and out of one expensive cushy rehab center after another. These famous people have the world in the palm of their hands, but they cannot hold it together as a person. What is missing?

Many powerful people in business, politics or other influential professions also rarely look happy. These driven individuals are stressed, overworked, irritated, impatient and many times take out their unhappiness on other people. What good is all of the money, power and success if a person is so miserable? Some of the happiest most content people I have met have very little money and things in their life.

No one can affect a person’s happiness unless you give them the power too. Only you have the authority to control your state of mind. Keep away from negative condescending people who try to poison your aura.  A person who is in control of their emotions, balanced and has a positive state of mind will be content no matter where they are in their life. No amount of money, power or prestige can buy piece of mind. The best part is that piece of mind is free.


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