President Assad of Syria is like a cat that has nine lives. He cannot even believe that he is still standing. Now, because of ISIS, the American’s are back into Iraq performing airstrikes and have also begun aerial bombardment of ISIS in Syria.  Unbelievably, America, the Coalition Partners, Iran and Assad all have the same common enemy which is ISIS. What a complete mess! Assad is the current major benefactor of the airstrikes on ISIS.  Yes, the man who has consistently butchered his people over the last three plus years of the Syrian civil war.  However, Assad cannot be entirely comfortable with foreign aerial attacks occurring over the skies of his crumbling kingdom. The situation in Syria is very volatile and there are many balls in the air, which at this point can lead to a number of different outcomes. Further, multiple countries especially in the Middle East aggressively want Assad out of power.  At the moment, Assad is flying high, but his luck may be running out.


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