The exploitation of the American worker, for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of the top executives with outrageous pay packages, is not only unfair, but counterproductive to the overall moral of the company. Private jets, lavish perks, insane stock options, and other underhanded schemes, such as golden parachutes, is ethically wrong.  These methods create an environment that is toxic and detrimental to the long-term competitiveness, of American companies, in the global marketplace.

The worse abuse by far occurs at the public companies. Of course, not every CEO is full throttle greedy. However, looking at the compensation packages of CEOs at public companies, one could say that many of these so called masters are nothing but glorified pigs, feeding aggressively at the trough.

Day after day, CEOs talk about how important they are. They represent themselves as geniuses and the company that they control would wither away and disappear if it was not for their astute strategies. Unfortunately, there is a pattern of  CEO’s brilliant moves that result in massive write downs or retrenching. Yes, the majority of companies do perform well year after year, but successful long term operations can end up with an incompetent greedy CEO that runs the company into the sewer.  There is always a government bailout or bankruptcy that saves some of these companies that have been poorly managed.



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REPUBLISHED for the ‘Labor Day Special Issue’