Independent News and Documentary Photographer Maikel Samuels is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his book ‘En de boer… hij ploegde voort‘.  To see Maikel’s body of work click on any photograph.


Toon van Boxtel, born 1924 in Den Dungen


Ad Broeders, born 1933 in Haaren


Piet Versteden, born 1928 in Oirschot


Engel Oosthoek, born 1919 in Willemstad


Marinus de Vaan, born 1924 in Haarsteeg


In the province of Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands) there are few farmers left running their farm the old-fashioned way of a mixed farm; i.e. a few cows, pigs and chickens, some agriculture and a vegetable garden. Many of them quit because of their age and the lack of a successor. Those who can tell from own experience about this way of farming is part of a vanishing generation. They are the last witnesses of an era when farming was not a job but a way of life.


Arnoud van Drunen, born 1927 in Elshout


Bernard van Beekveld, born 1926 in Schijndel


Janus van Kempen, born 1916 in Liempde


Piet van Abeelen, born 1920 in Liempde


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