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Carioca Da Gema


My neighborhood super-center is crowded. The aisles are narrow with kids running around, people with specialty mobile chairs, and staff loading shelves.  So after some close calls with my cart full of groceries it is time to check out.

To my surprise there has been a upgrade since my last visit that left the store with only one third of the checkout counters about 6 of them (not all open at the same time) operated by humans.

So there I was, forced to make the obvious choice of waiting in line behind multiple groups of “deer in the headlights” or labor over an empty auto checkout counter for a few more minutes before I can finally walk away with my broccoli.

To gild the lily,  I noticed a thumbnail live image of me, angled from my nostrils.  Now pissed off, making sure the super sensitive scanners do not register my items twice, I humor myself thinking…

What happened to the power of my food dollars?

I do not work here!


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