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In the effort of sinking its teeth even deeper into its citizen’s lack of freedom, China is introducing a new social order with the implementation of a  mandatory social credit system, expected to be fully operational in 2020.

This system will collect information on all aspects of people’s lives such as behavior, purchases, and social media friends and activities.  Citizens will be rated regarding their adherence to laws and compliance with the government’s ideological framework. The score is designed to inflict punishment or provide positive rewards.

Repressive forms of government have existed since the beginning of time. The government in restricted societies, afraid to lose the grip on their citizens will became more aggressive in using maneuvers like the social credit system.  Will the advent of social media help the oppressed to speak up and assemble against their masters, or will the big bad wolf of artificial intelligence controlled by governments, pulverize any attempt of freedom at its infancy stage?

Back home in the Land of the Free, dehumanization is taking another form, as employees (not yet replaced by automation) are forced to act like robots. For the labor force in some distribution centers, factories, and large facilities, the time is literally ticking.  Each movement of the workers daily routine is being timed, analyzed, and rated.  To survive in working conditions such as this one must act like a robot, suppress pain and stress until the shift is over.

These are two examples of how humanity is been drained by today’s mind robbing technology.  We are expected to follow, obey, and mutate, into beings tailored by the powerful and blessed by governments. Individuality will soon follow privacy as cherished aspects of our lives we no longer have.


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