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The Life- Giving Sword

Secret Teachings from the House of the Shogun

The classic text on Zen and the No-Sword by Musashi’s great rival

Yagyu Munenori



Translated by William Scott Wilson


” Beat the grass and scare up the snake”

(Page 77)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: Be careful of individuals who use deception as a strategy to confuse you. During negotiations, an opponent may constantly bring up one minor objection after another to keep you off balance. Also, be watchful of people who create small disturbances to intentionally try to make you frustrated.

Lastly, sometimes if the negotiation is stuck, it is helpful to use a technique I call ‘fishing’; which is to pick away at possible objections a client may have, in order to spark an emotional response, that will tell me what issue or issues are really holding back a deal.


The Life-Giving Sword: The Secret Teachings From the House of the Shogun (The Way of the Warrior Series)

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