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I was exposed to art early in life.  My mother used to take us to watch symphonies playing in a park.  For me, nothing else spells ‘civilization’ like classical music in a public place.

Alluring and close to impossible to avoid, art can be for many intimidating.  Encompassed by art galleries and critics, collectors, auction houses, and treasures such as Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvador Mundi’ fetching almost a ½ of billion dollars,  one may ask;  is there a place for the common man in the arts?

Good art, bad art; there is no such a thing.

Art is an expression that transmits powerful emotions and the recipients are impacted in different ways.

While the wealthy have experts bidding and acquiring their art pieces that will hang on the walls of houses they don’t live in and building libraries with books they will never open, let alone read, the less privileged is content with the public view of art expression, which is readily available in any large city, around the world.

But back to the emotional power art is created to radiate.

Does the regular ‘Joe’ get more enjoyment than the rich and famous?

ABSOLUTELY! Everything worthwhile in life comes with sacrifices.  These sacrifices large or small will yield satisfaction.  When I visited the Sistine Chapel, I felt like sitting on the hard cold floor and crying.  This was not a religious moment, but one of immense unexplainable emotion.  I seriously doubt ‘Mr. Money Bags’ feels joy like this when he looks at his newly acquired masterpiece.


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