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The Zen Teaching Of Huang Po

Translated By John Blofeld


“Its strength once spent, the arrow falls to earth.

You build up lives which won’t fulfill your hopes.

How far below the Transcendental Gate

From which one leap will gain the Buddha’s realm!”


The above verse is from the ‘Song of Enlightenment’

By Yung Chia

seven-century monk

Translated by Dr. Walter Liebenthal

(page 62-The Zen Teaching Of Hung Po book)


Hermit Poet’s CommentsHumans chase and chase and at the end of the day before sleep chase inside the mind some more . The years go by and all this chasing has only created frustration. Are most people happy with the way their life turned out? The pressure to succeed at whatever success is; turns and twists the mind and emotions throughout an entire lifetime. How many people die content? 


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