Are Humans Reasonable?


Written by:

Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


‘Reason’ separates the human race from all other species and yet our lives are flooded with components we cannot reason or even prove that exist.

Validating the existence of God is probably the largest failure in the history of civilized man. But still, the subject of God is present in everyone’s life. There are almost eight billion people on this earth and we believe in a plurality of religions, faiths, and Gods, or none of it at all.

Faith, like fear is also present in other aspects of our existence:

Without any prospects the impoverished believe that life will turn out better.

Lacking medical attention the terminally ill  trust they will walk again.

We fear ghosts that we cannot prove exist, and bad weather we know we cannot control.

Human’s obsession with the unreasonable, do not stop with faith. We press on sabotaging our lives with events we know well will not result in anything useful.

In spite of the mathematical certainty that inflating the road capacity with more cars will halt movement, people become enraged over traffic jams.

We spend money we don’t have to later complain about not getting ahead financially.

We socialize with evil and cry over the consequences.

Lost in our feelings, faith, and unrealistic expectations, we classify the reasonable people we know as ‘cold’ and ‘heartless’  when actually they are using the gift of reason given to us by our nature as homo sapiens.


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