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Wandering On The Way

Early Taoist Tales And Parables Of Chuang Tzu

Translated with an Introduction and Commentary By Victor H. Mair


” The happy and the angry doubted each other,

The stupid and the wise cheated each other,

The good and the bad censured each other,

The boastful and the sincere jeered at each other,

So that all under heaven declined.”

(page 93)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: History does repeat itself. The above words are a very good description of the world today. Unfortunately,  because of the internet, social media, and smartphones, etc,  toxic human nature is mushrooming easier and more quickly than during any other time in history. I believe we have entered into unknown territory; and topped off with climate change and nuclear proliferation, the survival of not only mankind and also earth is at great risk.


Wandering on the Way

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