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Zen Lessons

The Art of Leadership

Translated By Thomas Cleary


58. Adaptation

Zhantang said:


An ancient sage said: ” The hidden valley has no partiality-any call will be echoed. The huge bell, struck with the clapper, resounds every time.”

letter to Li Shanglao

(page 67)


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Hermit Poet’s Comments: Unfortunately, stability is becoming an outdated word. During no other time in history, has change happened so quickly. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence is going to cause a large amount of members of society to be left behind. Adaptation will be very difficult. People will have to be  highly technologically skilled, or drastically downsize, in order to survive. 

A totally overhauled, greatly expanded, government provided safety net, needs to immediately begin, in order to slow down a large part of the population wandering around hungry and homeless. Especially in America, massive cuts in military spending, and much higher wealth, inheritance, and large corporation taxes, (specifically those companies parking insane amounts of money offshore) must be put into place to pay for the expanded social programs. 


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