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My quiet time in the bookstore, where did it go?

In 2004 there were 38,539 bookstores in the US. In 2018, these disappearing institutions are down to 22,586.

I found how engaging a book can be in my twenties.  I can’t help browsing through used book sales, libraries, bookstores, and my own tiny study composed of books on a wide variety of subjects.

Over the years a trip to the bookstore has always been pleasurable. Reading books open the mind to unpredictable experiences.

When traveling I always make time to visit the local favorites and the better version the land has to offer with the fancy couches, usually in a shopping mall.  Jimbocho is an area in Tokyo, lined with used book stores. These inviting small spaces are cramped with books up to the ceiling.  Although an English selection may not be found in every store you visit, the art and photography books are universal.

In my local area, the two closest bookstores are now gone.  Other stores with the help of a cafe and a gift shop, keep hanging on, with the big wolf breathing down their necks every quarter.

Needless to say I have not given in to the “e” options.  I cannot decide if I treasured the musty mildew smell from the old used books over the crisp scent of the newly acquired ones from Amazon. They all reads well to me.


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