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Four Huts

Asian Writings on the Simple Life

Translated by Burton Watson



Now that I’ve reached the age of sixty, when life fades quickly as dew, I’ve put together a lodging for my final days. I’m like a traveler who prepares shelter for one night, or an aging silkworm spinning its cocoon.”

By: Kamo no Chomei


(Pages 65-66)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: As we become older, it is nice to have a tiny hole to crawl into. A simple rustic old shack stuffed full of books, travel and life memory knickknacks, albums, Cd’s, cassette tapes, and a soup or stew cooking on the gas stove. A fruit, vegetable, and flower garden is also good to keep the muscles and bones lubricated.


Four Huts: Asian Writings on the Simple Life

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