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Flaunting is part of human nature.  People today can publicly share with the world their exotic vacations, the purchase of a brand new car, or being offered that great job in detail with images, text, and chats

The rich of the past had composure; they frequented places like Monte Carlo were they used to go to be rich, and the required privacy kept their dealings and excursions away from the regular folks. These citizens were replaced by inflated egos with 100’s of millions to billions of dollars and influence over the peasant’s way of thinking.

From their floating palaces in the middle of the ocean the wealthy share images of meals resembling the Roman times. Superficially, they engage into social issues, start non-profit organizations (which is a great shtick), and became ambassadors.

The problem with the 1% is the complete disconnection with the 99%. There is simply no way in hell that someone that whether born into or made an ungodly amount of money for doing very little can understand what’s going on below deck.  But when the opulent express their freedom of opinion on social issues there is usually an aftermath, and a cleanup job, that must be done by the people below deck.  Next morning while the news media blasts their well choreographic scheme; which calls attention to their brand, the people living real lives have to contend with yet another view of separation.

My problem with the wealthy is that most of them are a waste of opportunity to achieve their own happiness by doing good to others. We have accepted and cherished this celebrity culture as part of our lives, and we alone allow each one of their maneuvers to pierce another hole into our society (below deck).


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