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Our living spaces and personalities will shape the harshness of our quarantines.  Confinement in a household with a yard is tolerable, while being trapped with others in a one window studio not so much.  Outdoorsy individuals will develop moments of claustrophobia while the hermits will not miss a bit.

To survive this quarantine without losing our marbles we must be able to adapt to new ways and quickly. Now more than ever is important to make our homes functioning spaces by prioritizing its new activity.

After finding the best way to care for the elderly, the very young, and the ill, it is time to exam the functionality of space and activity.  Productivity will keep anxiety and depression away. If your household just turned into a classroom, an office and a restaurant, rearrange the space to provide comfort for the ones occupied with these tasks.  Individuals that keep themselves occupied physically or mentally will not be adding themselves to the stress in the household, as boredom can easily gravitate towards destructive behavior.

People living in small spaces, especially the ones with limited recreational areas should invite the most amount of fresh air and light from their windows and coordinate with their neighbors the use of available facilities at different times as to keep the distance from each other.

This is the time to sleep, clean those crowded closets, and keep as busy as you can and increase personal growth. We are all stressed out staying away from COVID-19 and worrying about our financial future. But the reality is that the extent of the damage will not be known until it’s over and till then there is no action.


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