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Zen Buddhism

Selected Writings Of D. T. Suzuki


“My robe is all worn out after so many years’ usage,

And parts of it in shreds loosely hanging, have been

         blown away to the clouds.”

(Page 123)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: As I become older, things have become even less important to me.  I have never been big on keeping up with others. I do like my collections of books, music, plants, etc. These items are only for educational and relaxation purposes. Collecting books will not gain me entrance into high society.

I have a problem throwing things away, such as clothes, and I will for example, cut torn worn tee shirts (T-shirts) and use them as tank tops, in the garden. All my clothes must have multiple holes and almost shredded before I stop using them in the garden and toss them  into the rubbish bin. Old habits go a long way.  I remember living for a short time in my car when I was around twenty.  Of course, everything is fun under the age of fifty. :):):)

Over the last 25 plus years, in many societies, consuming  is the mantra. Not just expensive small and large toys, but also beauty procedures and extravagant shallow travel.  Maybe with the current hard times folks will not so much try to out do each other on social media. Only time will tell!


Zen Buddhism: Selected Writings of D. T. Suzuki

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