The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Have you ever met someone that speaks so slow it seem like they are having a meal between syllables? It can be irritating at times, but the possible real dangers can be found in the quiet ones, the people that place themselves, strategically close to the action, but hidden in plain sight.

Every family, every workplace, and every gathering has one of those.

The harmless kind, just do not have much to say, they entertain themselves with the many stories available in the room.

The ones choosing not to blab by strategy are the ‘collectors’.  These individuals have information on you and on what the people around think about you. And every so often nuggets of these observations sneak out.

And then you have the masterminds, people that are just dangerous to stay around.

 “Be careful with Igor, he is dangerous and the smartest person in the room”

My husband is a person of tremendous insight, but this time I could not agree with him at all.  Igor looks slow, kept his head down, quiet, but mainly he looks very slow intellectually to be a hazard in anyone’s life.  Needless to say I dismissed my husband’s take on Igor.  To my surprise, in a few weeks we received the news that Igor got caught in a colossal fraud scheme. Touché!


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