The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Adversity builds personality.  Some of us are strong minded, others cannot sell their way out of a paper bag.  Many of us look good and ready on the outside (reality unknown) while a few are happy to be alive after enduring an unthinkable ordeal.

The first time a bully gets in your face, you ran home to tell mommy in tears.

The first time your heart is broken, you think you are going to die.

The first time you get beat up in a fight you learn a lot.

The first time you work hard to earn your money, you experience satisfaction.

Sheltered individuals, navigate thru life without being able to build up skills that only experiences like these can bestow.

Suffering, adversity, rejection, failures, and other struggles build a stronger self, a self with the knowledge that firstly “I can handle this” and lastly “I will prevail regardless of the outcome”.


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