The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Every encounter in our lives (especially the unpleasant ones) adds knowledge to self.

You can dress a tout in a three piece suit, but you can’t scrap-off the mannerisms.  If you ever got annoyed by one you can see it coming at you from across the street while others will engage and buy the snake oil.

Should we fight battles we know we cannot win for the sake of learning from the experience?

A battle is an irreplaceable source of knowledge.  I believe that the best way to know someone is to have a problem with that person as people’s behavior will undoubtedly change under pressure.

Battles are tiresome; one should avoid them at all cost, but if troubles keep knocking and one is forced to engage be aware of the following:

-NEVER fight over something that does not belong to you; the Gods do not like that.

-Keep your goal clear as situations of pressure will fog everything around you.

-Two heads thinks better that one, so have a partner, preferably someone with a different point of view than yours.

But, if you are dealing with a life changing event, or your hard-earned money, get yourself a damn barrister.


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