The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


What is the best way to engage when trying to get someone to buy what you are selling? Face to face interactions can be speedy and/or complicated, as one person is asking for something and the other is having the power of relinquishing or not.  With personalities taking the front seat you can quickly dismiss someone whose traits you do not like.  If the giver is at least intriguing the encounter will last longer giving the person asking more time to present their case or to crush it with a wrong word or attitude.

The best decision is always to be yourself which can prove disastrous for people with unpopular views.  But getting the deal you want is just the beginning, you may have to live with the result for a while, and your make believe face and words will eventually become exhausted.

It comes down to the aftermath, what happens after the deal. If you just sold your widget playing a cat lover’s part, it’s inconsequential to your life.  If you are asking another person to build a family with you or engaging in any kind of long term relationships you must be 100% of who you are. The giver will take it or leave it.



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