The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


I felt like an idiot a couple decades ago; I was attending a birthday party and in a conversation about wine, which at that time I knew absolutely nothing about.

Without understanding the depth of my self discovery I purchased ‘Wine for Dummies’ and educated myself.  The same uneasy feeling repeated itself in other occasions until I concluded that, I’m intimidated by my own ignorance and learn to delve into by asking questions as to pick that person’s brain about the subject matter before I can gather material to better inform myself.

The many successful reality programs available on the screen, depicting opulence and superficiality is brain washing the masses to value ‘the good things’ at the cost of greater ignorance.

The rich of decades ago segregate themselves, and how they spent their money.  It’s clear today by the actions of the affluent that they need to flaunt their conquests among themselves while the peasants from the cheap seats learn to be intimidated by the ones that have more than they do; creating a society of shallow minds.

But the kicker here is that the rich are intimidated by people’s personal growth, which can be achieved by taking free trips to your local library.


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