Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Practicality is like WD-40, it keeps life running. But this attitude toward abolishing non-sense sometimes meets other forces such as popularity, style, and fashion.


“These shoes are killing me”

“I need an island in my kitchen because I entertain a lot”

“No one writes by hand anymore”


How far from comfort should one travel in order to fit a popular or fashionable role, is a matter of personal choice. The practical is long lasting while style will eventually fade out. Practicality is still while the flavors of this month can offer new ways of doing and perceiving things around us, and with that comes personal growth. 

Considering the durability of the issue at hand is a good way of finding a happy median. 

You want a feasible plan when buying a house, be stylish with your curtains.

You should keep your old-fashioned coat that provides warmth for many winters, instead of purchasing the new, slim & slick and pricy your always cold influencer friend struts about in.

But most importantly are the people you allow entrance into your life, those should be selected by their durability as the fashionable are by definition something that comes and goes, never staying put.


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