Photographer Ed Eckstein/Albumen Gallery is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project & gallery exhibition ‘Divided We Stand’.


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Pennsylvania based photographer Ed Eckstein didn’t have to go far to capture dramatic moments of the 2020 US Presidential election campaign. His home state was one of the battle states that were pivotal in the fight for the White House.

In ‘Divided we Stand‘ Ed Eckstein’s camera documents election rallies at various locations in Pennsylvania during October.

Eckstein’s images capture what he describes as ‘a presidential campaign grounded in the politics of division over a toxic mix of passions and polarization. Hopes for a healing process seem right at this moment very unlikely.

Sadly Americans cannot agree on a shared reality, many are in echo chambers consuming information tailored to existing biases. Partisan warfare impels people to deny the legitimacy, even the humanity of those with different viewpoints.

The sharp contrast of the black and white photos accentuates the hostility of entrenched opposing camps not allowing any middle ground. Yet at the same time – and this is one of Ed Eckstein’s trademarks – his incisive observations are always shot through with irony and a keen sense for the absurd.




Albumen Gallery

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Divided We Stand






American photographer Ed Eckstein started his career in the 60s, documenting the social upheavals of the era – in the USA and internationally. Throughout his career the focus of his work has always been social commentary covering diverse subjects as East Berlin during the Cold War or the lives of Native Americans on and off reservations across the USA. In recent years he has returned to documenting the growing social unrest of an increasingly divided and polarized society in his country.

Commenting on his work Ed Eckstein says: ‘I take pictures to help prevent truth decay. Working in the humble photographic tradition of explaining man to man, the desire to understand more about human behavior and condition. Photography seems to be escaping any dependence on what is in front of the lens, but it comes at the price of its special claim on a viewers attention as evidence rooted in reality. My work attempts to capture the non fiction photographic image distilled from visual encounters with humanity and place.’


Albumen Gallery was set up in London in 2013. Specializing in 20th century and contemporary photography Albumen Gallery responds to shifting trends in how photographic art is experienced and purchased by collectors.

In a world where online immediacy and global availability become accepted and expected Albumen Gallery eschews a permanent brick and mortar gallery space targeting through its online exhibition programme a wider international audience.

The gallery’s online presence is firmly coupled with a dedicated personalized customer and advisory service.

Pioneering the online gallery without walls concept, Albumen Gallery is continuously developing the format and potential of online exhibitions as an accepted platform for exhibiting art photography.

The Albumen Gallery Publishing series accompanies each exhibition with a dedicated photo book. The books in the series don’t merely serve as exhibition catalogues but are photo books in their own right allowing exhibition visitors and collectors to engage with the photographer’s work beyond the run of the exhibition.


All images and text © Ed Eckstein/Albumen Gallery



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