Written by George Gad Economou


we’re everywhere: in every bar, classroom, behind desks

and under wooden tables; crowding busses, flooding

streets—nowhere to go, nothing to do—only survive,

survive, struggle and claim your hole in the dirt—he was born, lived,

and died: the only thing that can be written on the gravestone—

we belong in all periods of time, in all countries, in all cities and countries

and villages—the thousands that drank with Buk—the lost of the Lost,

those that in Paris found nothing but a drink with Hem and Scott—we’re

here today, we’ll be here tomorrow—yesterday we died, tomorrow we’ll die again

carousels that can’t stop spinning—anchored in the middle of the

most peaceful of lakes, no sharks to fight, no whales to ride, no dolphins to

save us—just the calm water, the blue sky, the peace of nothingness—tiny boats

following the tankers—trite existences that are only because the winners

need us—barstools and lounges, nightclubs and Starbucks coffeehouses—we walk

through college campuses and into office complexes—fancy titles that only say:

I’m nobody, a loser, I just make enough for rent and bills, if I’m lucky

I’ll get a BMW and think I’m someone—house in valleys and by riversides,

full carts in supermarkets, begging the liquor store clerk for a discount, a free

fifth of rotgut—in every street you’ll meet us, in every store we’re there,

but never in stories, never in movies—we’re the ones making the world go round

even though it tries to eliminate us.


Text © George Gad Economou




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