Poem from ‘Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine’

Book by Annabel Harz




If I die tonight

I shall carry your love

as a blanket,

and it shall keep me

forever warm and safe.


I shall never feel the

cold of distance,

of loneliness,

of heartache …


for I will be with you,

my love,

you shall be with me.


Everyone’s face turns into yours.


Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine
Book by Annabel Harz

Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine continues the theme of Journey into the Dark and the Light, the first book by Annabel Harz. Disarmingly honest words and images reveal more of her personal experiences: the deep shadows of loneliness and depression; the recognition of the value of survival at her lowest point of feeling unworthy; the importance of mental and physical space in creating a safe place for personal exploration and growth; and ultimately the sunshine of wellbeing when—through sheer grit and endurance—her personal demons had been conquered and set free.

Sustained effort is required to rise out of depression once it is established as a daily state of being. The poetry and artwork in this collection exemplify the resilience required to rise above the despair of mental ill-health, and with candour and sincerity depict the internal strength which facilitates reaching a place of well-being.

Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine by Annabel Harz is available in eBook and paperback editions [Balboa Press (USA), Balboa Press (AUS), Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble] . Forty-three images complement the forty poems as the content moves from Shadow, through Survival and Space, to Sunshine.


Annabel Harz

Annabel Harz uses writing and drawing as tools for healing. Through this creative process she connects with her soul, ensuring that her past depression doesn’t dominate her life in the present. 

Annabel has taught students from four to eighty-four years old, around Australia and overseas. She is a more compassionate teacher for having experienced the events that fill her books.

She lives in central Victoria where the magnificence of the Australian bush on her doorstep nurtures her spirit on a daily basis.



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