The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir is a raw and honest portrayal that delves into the underbelly of society and chronicles a woman’s drug fueled antics.


“About a week later Merrick, the guy I met at the bar, messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet at the Bowling Alley. Jerry and I were hanging out, smoking crack, and I thought “why not…I don’t have anything better to do.” I asked Jerry if he cared if I went over there for about an hour and he did not. I went to the Bowling Alley, which was five minutes from my house. I was slightly nervous, but I went inside and saw Merrick sitting at the bar. I sat down next to him and ordered an Angry Orchard. He ordered an Old Fashioned. That was already a red flag, I’m a bartender by trade and those drinks are a pain in the ass. We sat and got to know each other a little bit. He was from Chicago and had only lived here for about six months. I’m not getting Walter vibes from him but he seems nice enough. We do a couple shots and he makes some sexual innuendos that are pretty cheesy. He paid the bill, which must have made him think he was entitled to something, in retrospect, and I threw down the tip. We talked about ordering sandwiches and going to my house so we hopped in my car to do the order. I couldn’t log in to my app for whatever reason so I said “just forget it, it’s a pain in the ass.” I really just wanted to go home and smoke more crack, to be honest. Merrick said “Can I at least get a blowjob?” I asked “For real?”, he said “Yeah, why not?” I said firmly, “Get out of my car.” He gave me a nasty look and got out of my car. I peeled out of there as fast as I could and drove the four blocks home. Dating, or whatever that was, sucks, I just want to smoke more crack with Jerry.”


Excerpt From The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir

Written By Kat Jameson



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© Kat Jameson

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