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Carioca Da Gema



“Tomate senhora, tomate!”

Growing up, I frequently helped my grandmother when going to the street fresh market.  In Brazil, ‘feiras’ moved around the city, offering the residents everything from fresh fish and vegetables, to small household items. My grandmother shopped every Thursday.

Like most ambulant markets the ‘feiras’ sellers started early in the morning. There is a lot of yelling that goes on during the day; and by early afternoon, they pack up and leave a mess behind.  Sanitation will quickly clean it all up and the functioning street continues until the following Thursday morning.

As a child, I hated it.

Fast forwarding a few decades, I find myself a food market lover.  From the Crawford Market in India to Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan, food markets carry unparalleled characteristics of a city. The exorbitant energy  in the air invite you to take another turn at the end of the aisle and stay longer and see and try strange things.

Hunger is stimulated by a multitude of visual gastronomical options and aromatics. I repeatedly ask myself: “What’s cooking?”


Food Markets of the World is composed of powerful environmental portraits, daily life photographs focusing on food, and vibrant close ups of fresh food.

The food varies with the region. You will see spices and herbs in Asia, processed meats and baked goods in Europe and fresh vegetables and fruits in Latin America. There are ancient markets in the Middle East and North Africa, and the open air markets in the Sub Saharan Africa. United States is the last chapter of the book, depicting among others, one of America’s favorite food – ‘shellfish’.

Food Markets of the World text content includes overall information and a few recipes on each region mentioned above.

The men and women presenting their products in street markets or fancy markets, selling common staples or expensive treats, radiate pride throughout the continents.


Book information:

Food Markets of the World

  • Hardcover: 204 pages
  • Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 10 x 0.8 x 10.8 inches


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Food Markets of the World


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