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Carioca Da Gema


While approaching a check-in window for an early doctor’s appointment, three women on the other side of the counter were talking about woman number four (not present).

“She needs to find someone that will make her love herself.”

I bristled, barged in and said  “No – She has to love herself.

A young woman at the window, with conviction, responded that “She (woman #4 not present) has many people around her that make her feel like crap. If she has someone that is nice to her she would start to love herself.”

Although I bristled again, I also realized that antagonizing someone that could be sticking a needle into my arm would not be a good idea. I took my place back as a patient, did my business and left.

The narcissism caused by social media, along with our celebrity culture, and the senseless reach for satisfaction by self- indulgence, is chipping away our basic mental capacity and self-respect.

How do I know if I love myself?

The few minutes before you fall asleep, you are The Judge, The Jury, and The Executioner of today’s thoughts and actions.

How do you feel about it?

Make changes and be that person you wish to love. You are given one life and you, no one else should own your life.

Careful, there is a profound difference between “loving yourself” and being “in love with yourself.”

How to find that person to love?

Know what you want. Make a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ list, archaic, but very efficient.

Finding a good person comes in many forms. Do not be confused with your predisposed notion of stereotypes such as: liberal, conservative, or vegetarian. Some values should remain the same throughout the many layers of society.  If your date has habits such as kicking homeless people and cutting a cat’s tail off-move on.

Find a person that is good for you.

This is not a person that will fly you by private jet to an exotic location. This is a person that you can share good and bad moments with, a person who is there for you, and that you can reciprocate love with.

Is a serious relationship for me?

The key word is Unit.

Many couples today compete with each other. Think about how strong a couple can be who works together as a unit. Always 100% for the unit!

What seems like the most complicated achievements in life, human interaction usually has very basic primitive and animalistic answers. Our ways and points of view may change with exposure, but there is not an ‘App’ that will make us less of an ‘animal’.


Strong confident Caveman

Is out hunting for food

Strong confident Cave-woman

Stays behind to defend their turf

At dinner time

Caveman and his woman eat


Strong unit brings about successful days.


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