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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a house, as most of the activities happen here. Where there are people there must be food, and the cycle goes on, from a full fridge, to finding frozen items in the freezer that you forgot you have; and avoiding a time consuming trip to do the big grocery shop.

Here are a few tips that will make your life easier:

Buy more of the food that you consume daily: eggs, milk, and cereal, or your breakfast favorites.

Organize your fridge accordingly; with the food that must be consumed first as they decay faster than the alternatives.

Eat fast decaying fruits first such as: strawberries, peaches, nectarines, pineapples, grapes, and cherries, etc. Then consume longer shelf items such as: red and green apples, cantaloupes, watermelons, etc.

Greens must be consumed in the days following your shop, as they go bad faster than anything else in your fridge. Fresh herbs not grown and cut from the garden, but purchased at the store also go fast.

The same goes for your vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus, and red peppers which should be consumed before your potatoes and carrots.





H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema




As a rule, empty your fridge before you clean up your pantry and freezer.  Keep breakfast alternatives such as oatmeal for breakfast.  When you are running out of everything else, a couple of cans of  seafood and parmesan cheese make quick pasta dishes.

For sandwiches use tuna fish after the all the fresh lunch meat from the fridge is gone.

Now you have to adjust my tips to your needs.  If you are packing a bundle of kids,  these tips will help you just a bit.  For the ones eating organics, everything decays quicker.

Keep in mind, these are time saving tips. The live foods we eat start to lose their benefits at the time they are removed from their life source. Try to buy local! The more miles your fresh food travels, the less nutritional benefit is available to you.


Enjoy your meal!



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