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You are not alone if your garage resembles a dumping ground.  25% of garages in America are overstuffed with everything but cars.

Let’s clean it up, shall we?

  • Assuming that you have shelving units in your garage and they are already full, then you will need to purchase additional units. Select different depths for your adjustable shelves.  Chemicals usually stored in gallons and small items will fit on a shelving unit with a depth between 12/18”.  Your Christmas and Halloween decoration boxes will be better stored on a shelving unit that has a depth larger than 24”.
  • Plan your job ahead: Will this be a one day clean all project or would you rather do it in sections? Regardless of the duration, you must arrange to have shelving units ready to go.
  • You will need room along the walls for the new shelves. Depending on how unorganized the old shelves are, it may be a good idea to empty the contents of the existing shelves in an organized manner on to the new ones first, before you tackle the items scattered around.





H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

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  • How to organize the contents:

Stored items: Items that are not in use daily or even weekly.

Active items: Items like your cleaning supplies and tools that you reach for frequently.

Large heavy (stored or active) item stay on the bottom of the shelf unit or on the floor for safety reasons.

Light large (stored) items can be placed on the top of a shelving unit as long as access is safe and the shelf depth is larger than the item. You DO NOT want items sticking out of the shelving units.

The sweet middle of the shelving unit is to make your life easier.  This is where you place all the items you reach for all the time.  This is the place of easy access, the most valuable real estate in your (now) organized shelving unit. DO NOT let others mess up your job!


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