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What do you do? Asks the woman sitting next to us, at one of the most trendy restaurants in the area, with tight seating arrangements; during the 90’s, when for many of us, money fell down from the trees.

As a foreign born American, there are a few things like ‘Dr Pepper’ and ‘Cherry Pie’ that I was never able to embrace. However, by far the most irritating thing I have found is rude people trying to size you up by finding out what you do for a living.


H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema



Very few of us have the blessing of working in a field we love. Leaving the bulk of the population doing the thing they can to make the most amount of money possible and to pay the bills.

The real things (not the toys the land have to offer) we appreciate in life, even if out of our reach, says much more about our true nature than the work we do.  Matt Damon plays a janitor who is also a genius in ‘Good Will Hunting’.  There are many ‘Renascence men and women’ without the means to experience their interests, and very few wealthy people with interesting and significant lives.


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