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Qigong Meditation

Embryonic Breathing

By: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


Confucius said: ” Only knowing (how to) cease, can you then have steadiness. When there is steadiness, then (your mind) can be calm. When (your mind is) calm, then (you) can be peaceful. When (you are) at peace, then (you) are able to ponder. When (you) ponder, then (you) will gain.”

(page 246)


Hermit Poet’s Comments We give the mind a rest while we meditate. If the mind is all over the place and life is upside down, a person can not think straight and make good decisions. Further, once the mind, emotions, and life is calm, then time can be spent analyzing philosophy and the flow of life. Lastly, bad decisions are made when a person is emotional. This is why meditation is so important in a person’s life.



Qigong Meditation: Embryonic Breathing

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