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Loaded with good nutrition, Salmon is easy to prepare and an economical way to make an elegant meal. But is it safe?

“Safe to eat twice a year” I have read many articles about how contaminated farm salmon is and it basically comes down to unless you can fight the bears, or afford the high prices of wild salmon, do not eat the fish, well, maybe a couple of times a year.



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In the land based farms, the salmon swim in a chemical bath, full of contaminants and sewerage. In its flesh, the salmon can absorb 9 million times the amount of the pollutants in the bath water. The ocean farms spread all these pollutants into the environment, offsetting the normal flow of nature and contaminating marine life all around.

For the adventurous, here are a couple of recipes:


Sushi Bowl | Illustrated Recipe 


Salmon & Leek Puree | Illustrated Recipe 


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