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How is it that a person can be promoted to management and end up making less money than workers under their supervision? Thank the ‘American Salary Shtick’ where employers dangle a ‘management’ carrot in front of an employee and as a manager, he or she work harder, longer hours, and make less money.

No wonder why work places in America resemble a school yard. Americans are so stressed out that crying is now a common practice in the workplace.

Recent research including 1200 full-time employees indicates that:

83% experience stress regularly, including 16% that experience “extreme stress”

48% admitted to crying at work

36% of males in the research say they cried at work

50% had missed work due to induced stress at the workplace

Bosses and colleagues top the list of reasons why employees  shed tears at work.

Bringing personal life to work is also a factor, followed by feeling overwhelmed by heavy workload, bullying, clients, and work related mistakes.

Like many other issues in modern life, working conditions come in many levels of harshness and stress. Our stretched out way of life forces us to continuously juggle sleep deprivation, commuting or road rage, and a lousy breakfast, if any, before we even get to work. We spend too many hours at the workplace, which allow worries the time to line up in our heads. Obnoxious bosses, nasty co-workers, and too much work is a recipe for disaster. So we cry, dry off our tears, and on we go.


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