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The relationship between man and land is very simple. Man will work the land and land will provide for man. Along with that comes self-sufficiency, which can also relate with freedom.

To be free one must detach itself from everything in life, including love.

Is a wandering traveler, without a place or people to come home to really free out there?

Is a couple living off the grid in the wild, able to provide for themselves with water, food, and shelter, free?


Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose…” – Janis Joplin.


The self-sufficiency of the man working his land will depend on weather, access to water, and absence of pests.

The wanderer must eat and find shelter regularly otherwise he will get sick and die.

The couple experiencing idealistic life of freedom must also accept that sickness in the woods can bring death.  But if one falls ill, the well mate will most likely have a problem watching the love one die. Self-sufficiency and freedom goes out of the window when searching for medical help to keep the sick mate alive.

If there is dependency there is no freedom!

As we embrace specific freedoms provided by society; is the cost of complete freedom too high or an unrealistic expectation?


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