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The only absolute in life, for every living thing on this planet is death.  Suicide rates are up for this or that group of people.  Diseases without antidotes, keep showing their ugly heads. A new strength of a virus is developing faster than we can remedy.  Destructive/ fatal behavior takes common place in many sectors of society.  There are promises of cures everywhere, but in the end, the earth is heating up and eventually all will fry.

In the mix of living in an era destined to end it all,

the human spirit keeps us hoping and wanting to be alive.

Programmed as living things, we keep on pressing.  Appalling living and working conditions and terminal diseases are the existence for many, and yet we get up in the morning and do it all over again; because life is worth living.

88% of doctors, if faced with terminal illness, will opt to forgo life prolonging treatment and choose not to be resuscitated.  Yes, they prescribe life prolonging meds for patients, produce data for companies developing other options, and there’s money involved.  However, if the time comes, most of us want to have the option to fight for extra time above ground.


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