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Samurai Strategies

42 Martial Secrets From Musashi’s Book Of Five Rings

By: Boye Lafayette De Mente

Tuttle Publishing


Chapter 40


“the head of the rat and the neck of the bull”  This saying is a reference to the cleverness of the rat and the courage, stamina, and persistence of the bull.”

(page 121)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: This is an outstanding saying to keep in the back of your mind when trying to overcome problems in life.  I’m a firm believer in tenacity and never giving up. Yes, I do keep a plan ‘B’ in my back pocket, but I will most times rely on creative analysis, intuition, and will keep going until I drop from exhaustion. Never underestimate thinking outside of the box and you will to keep going and going and going and going.


Samurai Strategies: 42 Martial Secrets from Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

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