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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


The neighborhood daredevils gather at the end of the cul-de-sac every evening.  Lacking any fear or concern for self harm, these kids do stunts with their bikes and skateboards.  Without a second thought some instinctively get up and carry on after a crash.

While targeting to live life to its fullest, we age, and as we age, shaking off the sand from a scrapped knee becomes problematic.

Even as independent adults, there are more people in our sphere, and our decisions do not only impact us. The more decades we have to accumulate things and habits the more we have to lose.  We weigh the benefits and the downside of the important decisions we make, and hope to see further enough on the resolutions we deemed meaningless.

With obstacles of necessities to climb over, the goal of living the best life we can is on…


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