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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Public exposure can make a small problem into a catastrophic one.  The reality of our family life lives within the walls of our castle.  However, the assumptions of the ones outside of our fortress, even though unrealistic, can cause irreparable harm.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and marital infidelity, can without much effort destroy a family, but it can also be resolved in an intimate environment away from prying eyes.

On the other hand, a troubled youngster, doing a perp walk for small violations such as: a street fight,  or for carrying more marijuana than he or she should, or even for vandalism of a neighbors’ front yard, can have their future derailed into a life of crime.

In itself the easily concealment of alcoholism, addiction, and infidelity, is a greater element of destruction for family and society than the petty crimes of juvenile. Nonetheless,

what is unseen by people, goes unpunished by society?


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