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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


The Family We Are Born Into

Family can be beneficial or disastrous for one’s well being. Without taking away a person’s accomplishments being connected can make the rise to the top easier.  One will not be less successful because he or she marched over a road paved by their elders.  There is a layer of responsibility added to the entity held by the newcomer that the self made individual does not have, as the only thing in play for the people starting from zero is their own efforts and money.

Lives can also be destroyed by the doing of others in our circle.  Even if that person did not have knowledge of their relative’s wrongdoing.

A business owner will not allow a person with family ties to fraud handle their money. A mother will not hire a babysitter whose parents are associated with the trafficking of drugs.

There are things that people in society, mainly to protect themselves, will not tolerate.


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