The Tornado Inside Our Head


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The Curious Relationship Between Zen And The Martial Arts

By: Jeffery K. Mann

Tuttle Publishing


” I do not know the way to defeat others,

but the way to defeat myself.”

By: Yagyu Munenori


(Page 82)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: We can defeat ourselves because of anxiety or a wandering angry or passive mind.  This is done alone, during work, business transactions, or interpersonal relationships, etc.  The creative process can also  be stymied with unproductive thoughts. Our mind is our best weapon, but it can many times hurt us the most.

STOP! Take a breather and calm down the mind if it is taking off on a wild goose chase. Meditation will cool down the burning coals.



When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen and the Martial Arts

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