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Americans are sleeping less under quarantine even though they now have the time to enjoy more zzz’s.

The anxiety over been trapped at home and the speculations surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic is the main reason 48% of Americans are reporting problems falling asleep; while in total 77% of us are losing sleep over the ripple effect of COVID-19.


Trouble Sleeping Among Americans Due To COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Feeling anxious 40.00%

Worrying about the safety of loved ones 21.67%

Feeling lonely 19.17%

Inconsistent sleep schedule 19.17%

Source: SleepStandards Survey 2020


Seven hours is the magical number when it comes to sleep. Growing up or reaching the golden years we need even more.  Sleep deficiency can trigger a number of illnesses, slow productivity, cause a diverse number of accidents, and add to the daily stress.

Seen as a luxury for some and a waste of time for others, sleep is an irreplaceable necessity.

Strategically designed to fail, sleeping is done later and later, until there is not enough time to accomplish the task.

It is estimated that 113 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. We popped 2 billion dollars of pills, bought 16 billion dollars worth of fancy mattresses, and 1.6 billion was spent on pillows.  Sleep labs and sleep home devices are also included in a total spending of 28 billion dollars in 2017 to help us have a better night of sleep.


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