Written By

Poet and Photographer J H Martin @ A Coat for a Monkey





“How long have you been here?”






Days appear then disappear

Like the smoke rings

Drifting out from my lips


Hutongs and fireworks

Learning to write with a brush

Incense and temples

Watching rain glide off tiled eaves

Funerals and care homes

My first whisky at twelve


“Forever, perhaps…”


Her laughter is as cold

As her fingers are pale


Who she is

Or what she’s doing here

I have no idea


That black dress

And those high heels

Are far too expensive

For a cheap bar like this


“No, I meant this country.”

“Yes, I know… A while.”

“I guessed. You speak very well.”

“Oh, no, no, no…”


My words are ghost charm


As fake as her laughter

And her red fingernails

As drained as our shadows

On the bar’s wooden floor


‘Can I get you another?’




I have always been here



Text  © J H Martin




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