Romanticism, Probability & The Intricacy Of Love


The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


The idea of a soulmate never resonated with me. The suggestion is romantic, but mathematically a faulty plot.

Without any effort, we can line up 10 attractive qualities for a mate, and the deal breakers or shortcomings even quicker.

Scenario #1

I found my soulmate” Says Emily, entering the room. “He is handsome, kind, and loves the arts.

Scenario #2

I found my soulmate” Says Emily, entering the room. “He is athletic, has determination, and is religious.

Emily considers all these six qualities; very attractive, at this junction, and both scenarios are viable romantic options.



H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema



Next comes love. Some people love the idea of that person. Other people love their lives together or the way the mate makes them feel. And for the lucky ones, simple love for each other will do.

As a couple you are twice stronger protecting your own unit. You are also collateral damage for each other’s mishappenings and that is when the fun times and the hard work begin.

There is no harm in trying to find that one special person among the 7.5 billion, living anywhere within the 15 billion acres of earth’s habitable land, but the reality is that myths such as this, give a false perception of love. As we try to perfect love with our imperfections, it becomes an impossible task. Love is a worthy endeavor, but perfection is the enemy.


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