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A domestic argument regarding loading a dishwasher happens in 40% of the kitchens in America.

My fellow dishwasher loader literally goes into ‘La La Land’ when doing his duty.  I can clearly see he is not present. Speedily he loads, forces the door closed, and then will hope for the best.

The task of loading a dishwasher is done in open view.  Everyone watches while one labors, opinions contradicting each other pop up left and right.  As a loader, if you try to follow directions thrown at you, from the gallery, you will soon feel like a gladiator in an arena of blood thirsty spectators.



H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema



There are many how to videos that can help you become an expert loader. Simplifying comes down to geometry. A dishwasher is a box with 2 levels spraying water everywhere. Here are three rules to consider:

  • Poke your nose around; map out the height difference and the spinning parts inside of your dishwasher.
  • Everything must be placed vertically so water can flow between the dishes.
  • Large pots/bowls go in first standing on their open side.


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