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In the race to control its citizens, past societies used the same strategies applied by individuals with abusive tendencies today.

‘Madness’ was used by authorities in the 1800’s to sway society into normality. The undesirables of that time, the poor,  the sick, the homeless, and the mentally ill, as well as anyone with free expressions  were labeled as ‘mad’ in the effort to annihilate them from society.

Public executions advanced into prisons in the 1800’s. Imprisonment seams more humane than the gruesome spectacle of mutilated bodies in plain view.

Is this passage in history a new step towards being more civilized or have the powerful devised a better angle?

Governments like the French replacing the guillotine for prisons centuries ago, and the Chinese stuffing their opposition in mental hospitals today, have the common goal of controlling the people.

Confinement as a social tool of dominance, offers authorities stronger mind control over its populace than executions that are quickly performed. Out of sight, out of mind, the executed meet sweet death while the imprisoned linger on and serve as an example.

In smaller groups like family or friends, people are quick to dismiss one’s contrasting views with the expression like “You’re crazy!” In the effort to belittle ones’ assumption or conclusion, when confronting someone with unpleasant truth, especially in relationships with abusive tendencies, words such as “You’re insane!”  are quickly used.

Even though most countries do not keep the socially unpleasant in captivity, and the bloody heads of the sinful don’t roll on to our streets, as society we are still holding the same habits of control from our past.


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