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Fear is an emotional natural response. It tells the self that adversity is on the way.  We fear things or events that can alter our survival or aspects of our lives.  From our perspective we cannot physically or emotionally overcome this uneasiness and our bodies kick in defense mode by feeling afraid.

Many times we fear things that only exist in our minds, but nonetheless cause real pain.

We fear things we know we cannot control, such as the wrath of God, natural disasters, and death.

Losing a job, a home, or a love one, are common fears.

But there are other fears that put our beliefs, morals, and ambitions at risk instead of threatening us physically or emotionally.

Art is an unparalleled conductor of history.  Through sculptures, paintings, music, and writings, art has participated in every step of human history.

Feared by the powerful elites and governments, art hangs around for a long time.  One can see their social struggles in art expression done decades before their birth. Poems, music, movies, and photographs, are portable medium, essential to carry on a message that can reach people regardless of their physical presence.  Mobile depictions of art make the oppressor afraid, very afraid.

Regardless of its borders one dictator is just like the next, and the search for freedom has a single target.



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