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In its infancy, societies are created by collective ideals and wants.  Since the caveman, we have done better in groups as we can help each other to solve our daily problems and carry the heavy loads.

As the group evolves, the number of members grow, and with that the need of subdividing into sectors that will better serve the changing ideology. Individuality will again makes us grow in different directions and in the name of maintaining order in the land,

citizens need laws and the government is created to level the playing field and make us all equal. Supposedly!

Like societies from the past that struggled for freedom and land to grown their crops, we still today, aiming to: be free, have a home of our own, and enough food to eat.

Is less government or no government a valid option today?

Looking at the large complications society must endure to survive, we have:

-Banks, that regulated or not, will engage in predatory lending causing a financial crisis.

-Poverty, whether caused by over population or lack of employment must be contained in order to delay the inevitable ‘Mad Max’  scenario waiting to erupt.

-The aftermath of natural disasters fueled by global warming arriving by water, air, or land, cannot be accomplished by the people affected by it or its neighbors.

As government steps in to assist sectors of society or its citizens,

it continuously lacks the main reason of its creation, that is to be a “Government For The People”.

While we spend 590 billion dollars on a defense budget which is more than the 16 countries combined ranking below us on the military power list, 79 million of Americans are having their lives ravaged by medical bills because we are too ignorant to see that a healthy nation is a stronger nation.  In addition to the fact that (everything) medical in America comes with inflated prices allowed by our government, where the uninsured or under-insured are penalized with prices that no one else pays, a system designed to fail its people, and again allowed to exist by our government in name of free enterprise,

while the entire world is getting the same pharmaceuticals, doctors visits, and heart transplants, for a fraction of the price charged in the US.

The healthcare system for America must be a matter of national pride otherwise we will be forever a land of people lacking personal growth, as paying for our living expenses take over all our energy, and the focus is in to getting back to work the next day, and the next. Further, the government loves that

it is a modern day slavery where we smile and call ourselves FREE.


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