Written By

Poet and Photographer J H Martin @ A Coat for a Monkey





Like dogs

We sit and we wait


Like boards

For announcements

Like stations for trains

Like baggage for handlers

Like pigeons for crumbs


As if something will change

As if the tracks will turn back

As if those looking down

Have ever once cared


“Ladies and Gentlemen –

  Please – Work but don’t think

 Now – Keep calm and carry on

  Thank you – Don’t speak”


The outcomes are managed

And knowledge dismissed


Like the waste – like the litter

Like these unemployed hands


Reaching for keys

The bottle – the pills

Searching for

Some way – any way

To get out of here

Desperate for

Some kind of shelter from

 This perverted reality




That is the howl

Of the hungry pack


That is the genius of obedience



Text  © J H Martin




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